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Dennis Auction Service

Want to sell your Gold, Silver, or Coins?

Cash Paid or we can sell it for you!

Don't get shorted by selling as scrap to a kiosk, store, or jeweler.
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Diamond Ring

This ring was consigned to our auction after taking it other places. First to a "We buy gold" store which offered $90.

Then to a local jewelry store who offered $600

Sold at D.A.S for $6,500

Sterling Silver Pin

Value in scrap silver: $8.50

Sold at D.A.S. for $225

Gold Cartier Bracelet

Value in scrap gold: $800

Offer at *We Buy Gold* store: $430

Sold at D.A.S. for $3,250

Why Sell Your Gold, Silver, or Coins At Dennis Auction?


1) Experience: Our staff has more than 150 combined years working in the antique and auction business and that includes expert knowledge of fine gold jewelry, diamonds, antique silver and coins. Not only do we know what we are doing, but we love what we do and it shows through every aspect of our business. We care about you and your items and you will always be treated with honesty, integrity, and transparency.

2) Marketing: We pride ourselves in the presentation of merchandise we are entrusted to sell. Our spacious gallery with lighted showcases allows us to display your gold jewelry and silver while keeping it safe and secure. Through our oft viewed website and various online live auction platforms, we can photographically present the contents of our auctions to the world in addition to our live audience.

3) Buyers: Auction is a great way to attain fair market value for your gold jewelry, silver, or coins. By presenting them to customers all over the U.S. and the world through our online bidding platforms we can generate competitive bidding instead of just simply getting an offer from one or two places down the road as you do when you go to a we buy gold store or a jewelry store. 

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