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Dennis Auction Service

New Jersey's Best Auction House

Estate Liquidation Auction House Serving Morristown New Jersey.


For a free consultation please contact us at (908)859-3424


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Why Sell Your Antiques At Dennis Auction?

Sell Antique Furniture in Morristown New Jersey
Sell Antique Stoneware Morristown New Jersey
Sell Antique Porcelain Morristown New Jersey
Sell Antique Silver Morristown New Jersey

Accepting consignments! We also pay cash for your items!

Are you moving?


Are you dealing with the home of a relative?


Not sure how to deal with the contents of a house?


What can we do for you? 

  • Complete Estate Liquidation 

  • Partial Estate Liquidation

  • Ability to inventory, pack, and remove the contents of a home in a timely manner.

  • Consignment of Individual Items

  • We make free house calls to discuss your situation and belongings.

  • Our spacious gallery is ready to put your items on display to our local customers and to the entire world simultaneously. 

  • We also conduct Estate Sales on Premises

Contact us today for a Free Consultation!


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Sell Antique Lamps Morristown New Jersey
Sell Antique Paintings Morristown New Jersey
Sell Antique Crystal Morristown New Jersey
Sel Antique Furniture Morristown New Jersey
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