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Frank Dennis is a certified appraiser. DAS offers appraisals for primary estate settlements, insurance, etc. You will receive an accurate computerized statement of value of your objects and we will stand behind you, should any difficulties arise.

We can arrange for the disposition of any tangible property within the estate. Frequently, difficult decisions must be made at this point, and Dennis Auction Service can help realize the best possible price on such property, while answering your concerns and questions in a sensitive way. We have worked with private individuals, trustees, banks and attorneys, all of whom have looked to us for professional advice and recommendations on the proper procedures in liquidating estates.

Dennis Auction Service is a full-service Estate Management company based in New Jersey and New York area that specializes in offering a complete range of property management services to residents of retirement communities. We are a family-business, now run by third generation, and we understand that our greatest asset is our reputation. Our expertise in the liquidation, storage and management of both large and small estates is second to none.

From the moment the decision to move into a sheltered community is taken, Dennis Auction Service can help make the transition as smooth as possible. Our first step is to make a house call to meet the residents and talk with them about what items they wish to move into their new home. We custom pack objects on-site to ensure that there is no damage in transit, and arrange to have them transported using our own teams of professional movers.

We handle all concerns.  You don't need to worry about a thing! 
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